Title: Crazy In Love (Remix for "Fifty Shades of Grey")
Artist: Beyoncé
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Freaks & Geeks (1999)


Freaks & Geeks (1999)

“I’m not the person you left behind anymore. There’s no one here to miss.”
— Iain Thomas, I Wrote This For You



my ideal body weight is you on top of me.


@islandhemmo: Cal who's the best cuddler in the band? 
@Calum5SOS: @inlandhemmo Lucas.

“I don’t have to prove anything to anybody. I am who I am, we are who we are - we’ve been around for ten years, y’know? It’s one of those things where I’m proud of the band I’m in, of who we are, of who my best friends are, and if somebody doesn’t get that then that’s bad on them. I don’t have to prove that shit to anybody.” — Frank Iero.